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Who are Screenrights members?

Screenrights has more than 3600 members from around the globe.  Our members are producers, distributors, broadcasters, copyright owners in music, art and scripts, and other rightsholders in film, television and radio.

Should I join?

If your program is broadcast on television or radio in Australia or New Zealand, it may earn Screenrights royalties. You should join Screenrights if you can collect any of the following royalties:

Royalties from Australia and New Zealand

  • Australian educational copying royalties
  • Australian educational communication royalties
  • Australian retransmission royalties
  • Australian government copying royalties
  • New Zealand educational copying royalties
  • New Zealand educational communication royalties


Royalties from outside Australia and New Zealand

Screenrights can collect the following royalties on your behalf from other collecting societies around the world:

  • International retransmission royalties
  • International private copying royalties
  • International copying royalties
  • International public lending royalties
  • International public performance royalties

Check your contracts to find out if you can claim these royalties. If you are unsure, you may need to seek legal advice.

How do I join?

Membership is free. You simply need to complete a membership form.

You will also need to register your program, series, or season details with us. This helps us match your program to any royalties owing and pay you as efficiently as possible.

Image: Figure 12 from Screenrights 2013/14 Annual Report shows Screenrights’ 3,693 members from 62 countries.