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Reaching audiences

Screenrights actively engages with the one of the most important sectors for filmmakers – educators – on a regular basis.

We do this through our online resource centre, EnhanceTV. Teachers subscribe to an online newsletter, with updates of upcoming educational broadcasts, and they regularly visit the site to download free resources such as study guides, and to order copied programs. If you haven’t yet visited EnhanceTV, make sure you do. EnhanceTV also has a Facebook page where teachers and filmmakers can talk to each other directly.

EnhanceTV offers a service called EnhanceTV Direct. This is an archive of programs made available "on demand" to educational institutions via a web-based streaming service.

The way in which content is delivered and accessed is changing fundamentally. In order for Screenrights to continue to fulfil its two-fold aim of providing access to audio-visual content for educators and payment to rights holders, it is important that we stay at the forefront of these changes. EnhanceTV Direct is a system that delivers content over the web in a way that educators want to access and use, an also by working within the existing Screenrights' licence - in ways that provide payment to filmmakers and rights holders. 

Although it is often difficult to predict what will make a program work in the classroom, we do publish an annual breakdown of the most copied genres.

Image: Breakdown in types of audiovisual material copied by Australian and New Zealand educational institutions (Fig 15 from Annual Report 2013/14)

We also recommend making a study guide of your program available, along with any other interesting resource material that helps teachers in the classroom.

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Did You Know?

Our online streaming service to Australian educators, EnhanceTV Direct, continues to be taken up by schools and tertiary institutions across the country, giving teachers unparalleled access to a rich archive of teaching material.

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