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Cultural Fund Guidelines

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The Screenrights Cultural Fund supports Australian and New Zealand projects and initiatives that make a broad positive contribution to industry development. The focus of the Fund will change each year to respond to changing trends and issues in screen content creation. In 2018, the focus is EDUCATION.

The Fund is underpinned by the following qualities:

  • diversity

  • innovation

  • inspiration

  • collaboration

  • transparency

These qualities should be reflected in the projects proposed for funding, as well as in the applicants’ own creative practice.


The Cultural Fund exists to support projects that are innovative, display professional craft and represent a benchmark of excellence in their field. Strong preference will be given to new projects.

While the Cultural Fund is not a production fund, it can support a wide range of activities, from small individual projects and events through to large-scale initiatives. For example:

  • projects which break down barriers to access, which bring the outside world in to remote and isolated communities
  • workshops that foster inclusive collaboration
  • services that deliver content to users in innovative ways within the education sector
  • start-ups that upend existing business models to support the creation, delivery and use of content
  • forums that bring together creators, educators and students to leverage their knowledge, skills and resources to build new ways of learning
  • initiatives that support the curating of digital resources and the teaching of critical awareness to enable teachers and students to confidently navigate the online environment and create a positive long-term digital footprint
  • projects that shape conversations and/or debate in our society.

Ideally, these activities will have:

  • committed partners to ensure maximum reach, and
  • the potential to impact on the career of the recipient and their body of work, as well as to positively influence the screen industry more broadly.

Project Requirements

The projects proposed for grant funds will ideally be new. Existing projects or re-workings of existing projects that do not respond to the Cultural Fund focus or align with the qualities underpinning the Fund are not eligible.

Timeframe: Applications must demonstrate planned, viable delivery of the project within a maximum two-year timeframe.

Delivery: Applications must incorporate both the delivery of the project and subsequent exploitation of it, extending its life and reach – for example via live events, broadcasts, digital distribution etc.

Promotion:  Applications must demonstrate a commitment to promoting and documenting the project (if successful), and the Cultural Fund generally, via social media and other channels.

Please Note: Applicants must disclose the completion status of pre-existing projects in their application.


While applications may commit a number of parties to the project, one of the collaborators must be identified as the Applicant and primary contact for the purpose of administering the project.

The Applicant:

  • must be an individual who is a resident of Australia or New Zealand for taxation purposes or a company domiciled in Australia or New Zealand for taxation purposes
  • should have some experience relevant to the proposed project
  • may only be involved in one application per funding round.

If successful, the Applicant:

  • will be the recipient of the Grant funds and be accountable to Screenrights for the expenditure of Grant funds
  • must take responsibility for successfully administering the relationships between all parties throughout the project
  • is not eligible to apply again until their funded project has been acquitted.

Funding and Expenses

The total pool available for the 2018 Cultural Fund round is A$200,000.

The value of individual grants will vary according to the needs of the proposed project. Applicants may apply for any amount of funding up to A$50,000, supported by a budget.

A Cultural Fund grant is generally intended to contribute to realising the project, rather than cover the total cost. Applicants are therefore encouraged to incorporate other funding sources, both cash and in-kind.

All applications must clearly identify their funding sources and which expenses that funding will cover.

Only expenses directly related to the delivery of the proposed project will be considered eligible for the Cultural Fund.


Applications will be assessed by a panel of professionals with both local and international expertise in screen industry and education. Panel members will make recommendations to the Screenrights Board of Directors for consideration.

The Board’s determination of successful applicants will be final. No further correspondence relating to the Board’s decision will be entered into. No feedback will be provided.


The criteria on which applications will be assessed are:

  • the potential of the proposed project to advance Cultural Fund objectives, including its alignment with the Fund’s annual focus and qualities
  • the strength and viability of the proposed project
  • the quality and viability of the presentation and delivery plan
  • the strength and relevance of the creative practice of the Applicant and any collaborators
  • the likely impact of the project on the career of the Applicant and key collaborators.

Proposals will be viewed favourably if:

  • the project is new and has been devised directly in response to the Cultural Fund and its 2018 ‘Education’ focus
  • any aspect maximises the opportunities to further exploit the project; increase the life of the project; or deliver a return on investment (royalties) to the Applicant and key collaborators
  • international opportunities, broadcast and other exploitation avenues are included
  • other funding partners are committed.

Application Material

Applications should be made on the Cultural Fund 2018 application form and include:

  • a description of the proposed activity, project or initiative, highlighting its alignment with the Cultural Fund focus and qualities, and including a delivery and promotion plan (maximum 2 pages)
  • a budget setting out expenses and sources of funding
  • CVs of the Applicant and key collaborators
  • previous examples of projects delivered by the Applicant and key collaborators to demonstrate professional practice
  • evidence that clearly demonstrates the support and commitment of all key collaborators, for example through a letter of support
  • (optional) video pitch of up to 2 minutes.

Application Timeframe

Applications for the 2018 Cultural Fund open on 30 April 2018 and close on 6 July 2018.

Successful grant recipients will be notified 8–10 weeks after applications close.

Successful grant recipients will receive funding within one month of submitting a tax compliant invoice to Screenrights. Invoices must be received by 5 October 2018.


Grant recipients must:

  • advise Screenrights of any changes in arrangements, delivery parameters and timeframes during project execution
  • once the project has been completed, demonstrate that the funded project has been delivered according to the proposal submitted
  • acquit the grant within three months of project delivery by providing a brief report including:
    – an overview of the delivery of the project, explaining both successes and challenges
    – budget details outlining how funds were spent
    – a description of how the project provided branding and awareness of the Cultural Fund generally, with evidence that Screenrights support has been acknowledged as required in media releases, at live events and on websites and social media channels relevant to the funded project
  • in the event that the project is not completed or substantively changed without the agreement of Screenrights, refund the grant amount in full within 30 days of the date of notice given by Screenrights.

Further Information

If you have any further questions regarding the Cultural Fund, please contact