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Information for writers

Information for writers 2018-07-16T20:01:40+00:00

Clarification of AWGACS’ Registrations with Screenrights

Screenrights is currently contacting writers to clarify some ambiguity between the number of registrations lodged with us by AWGACS for claims to royalties on behalf of writers compared to what AWGACS says is its total membership.

AWGACS is claiming royalties on behalf of almost 3,000 individual writers but in its own publications says it has approximately 1,600 members.

On a number of occasions we have requested that AWGACS provide a confirmed list of its members so we can resolve this issue. So far the list has not been provided.

Screenrights has a legal obligation to pay only rightsholders or their appointed agents. Given AWGACS’ refusal to confirm their agency, we are now contacting writers where AWGACS have made a claim for the writer and we haven’t been able to confirm AWGACS’ appointment as agent.

During this process, Screenrights is continuing to pay writers where they are the rightsholders including AWGACS members wherever it has confirmed representation.

We are hopeful that with your assistance we can resolve this issue quickly so that we can make sure the relevant rights holders are receiving the royalties they are due.

Note that this does not impact on other payments, nor prevent the ongoing resolution of competing claims.

For more information about your registration, please contact Screenrights’ Member Services on +61 2 9904 0133 or email

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