A unique, internationally recognised and permanent reference number for your film, TV or online project.
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Identification Standard

The global digital environment has seen, and will continue to see, a rapid expansion in ways of using audio visual works – both legally and illegally. Until 2002, the screen industry did not have an agreed identification standard to track a work throughout its lifecycle.

In 2002 the International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) was published by the ISAN International Agency. The ISAN is a numbering system much like the ISBN identification standard for books.

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An ISAN is the most effective means of identifying your work in this environment, improving efficiencies in managing rights data, exchanging information about the work, tracking use and protecting against piracy.

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ISAN Australasia

ISAN Australasia was founded by Screenrights and APRA AMCOS to give the Australasian audio-visual industries access to the most efficient means of identifying and tracking their work in the global digital environment.

We are part of a worldwide network of ISAN Registration Agencies involved in issuing a unique identifying number to works created by the film and TV, music, games, advertising and software industries.

ISAN Australasia is a joint initiative by Screenrights and APRA AMCOS and is the ISAN agency for Australia, New Zealand and English speaking “Pacific Island Nations”.