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Payments: An Overview

Screenrights distributes over $30 million a year in royalties to rightsholders in film, television and radio. In 2013/14 this amount was over $34 million.

The royalties we pay

The royalties that Screenrights distributes fall into two broad categories: royalties from Australia and New Zealand; and royalties from outside Australia and New Zealand.

Royalties from Australia and New Zealand

Screenrights is the source society for the following Australian and New Zealand royalties:

  • Australian educational copying royalties
  • Australian educational communication royalties
  • Australian retransmission royalties
  • Australian government copying royalties
  • New Zealand educational copying royalties
  • New Zealand educational communication royalties


Royalties from outside Australia and New Zealand

Screenrights also offers a global royalty collection service that provides members with a cost effective, simple and efficient way to collect royalties from around the world.

Register your programs once with us – and we’ll get to work across the globe for you.

If you choose to go global with Screenrights International, we can collect the following royalties on your behalf from other collecting societies around the world:

  • International retransmission royalties
  • International private copying royalties
  • International copying royalties
  • International public lending royalties
  • International public performance royalties

Learn more about the different types of royalties.

How to get paid

You will need to be a Screenrights Member and register titles/programs, series, or season in order to be paid.

How are payments calculated?

Payments are calculated according to our Distribution Policy. This is explained at How Royalties Are Calculated

When are payments made?

See the Payment Timetable

What happens if more than one party claims the same royalties?

See Royalties in Conflict

In 2013/14 we distributed more than $34.92 million to members?

Did You Know?

In 2013/14 we made more than 2,260 individual payments to members with a total distribution of more than $34.92 million. Log onto MyScreenrights to register new programs, update current registrations, change your contact information or find out more about your Screenrights payment history. 

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