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Cultural Fund

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The first three projects to be funded by Screenrights’ inaugural Cultural Fund in 2018 have been announced. Read about the successful recipients here.

The purpose of the Cultural Fund is to make a difference by giving support to people with exciting and innovative new projects which will foster the creation and appreciation of screen content in Australia and New Zealand.

The focus of the fund will change each year to respond to changing trends and issues in screen content creation.

Focus 2018: Education

In 2018, the Cultural Fund focus is EDUCATION, and more specifically, solutions to overcome barriers to access and use of meaningful screen content for teachers and students in education and training.

The education sector is an important audience for the screen industry in Australia and New Zealand, and it largely comprises Generation Z (8 – 22 years), a key audience in its own right and one whose viewing habits are driving rapid and profound shifts in both the screen industry and in the education sector, in how content is created, delivered, packaged and used. According to PWC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021, Generation Z is privacy savvy, safety conscious and hate interruptive advertising. They also need to navigate an increasingly fragmented online environment and a glut of digital resources.

Technology creates a wealth of opportunity, but not one which is shared equally. For some, barriers created by geographical location, family income, technical knowledge and access to a reliable and fast Internet connection push those opportunities out of reach.

This year, Screenrights sought to support innovative solutions that help teachers and students to overcome barriers to access: geographic, technological, skills-based and financial. We were interested in innovative solutions to the creation, packaging and use of meaningful content to the sector.

Screenrights is especially interested in projects and initiatives that, in delivering solutions to overcome barriers to access and use in the education sector, also broadly benefit the screen industry in Australia and New Zealand. Partnerships with innovative screen and technology organisations were highly regarded.