Screenrights’ core service is licensing secondary users of broadcast content, such as educators, the government, and pay TV operators, and paying royalties generated by the licence fees to rightsholders in the screen content that’s being accessed.

Today, we also offer further services to the screen industry and educators.

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We facilitate access to screen content through simple licensing solutions.

We licence:

  • Educational institutions in Australia and NZ, enabling them to copy broadcast material, and put these copies on internal networks or email them to staff and students
  • Pay television, mobile phones, IPTV and other services that retransmit free to air broadcasts
  • State and federal government departments, enabling them to copy from television and radio

The licence fees we collect become royalty payments to rightsholders.

Screenrights pays educational royalties, government royalties and retransmission royalties from Australia and educational royalties from New Zealand.

You need to be a member to receive royalty payments. Membership is free.

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Bringing filmmakers and educators together

Screenrights brings filmmakers and educators together through licensing online educational video platforms known as resource centres. Teachers can find television content relevant to their learning area, order copies of programs, and use free resources such as study guides and articles.

Screenrights licenses a variety of resource centres for this purpose.

Services for the
Screen Industry

Screenrights offers a range of services to support the diversity and growth of the screen industry in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. These include worldwide royalty collection, disbursements, residuals, our annual Cultural Fund, and more.

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