Teachers and Students in Australia and New Zealand

Screen content in the classroom is a wonderful way to engage students and help deliver educational outcomes. With a Screenrights licence, educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand can copy any program broadcast on TV or radio to use for educational purposes in the classroom.

See Australian Educational Licence and New Zealand Educational Licence to find out more about the licences and how they can be used in education.

Home viewers with subscription TV

With a Screenrights licence, cable and satellite providers, mobile phone service operators, IPTV providers and other emerging technological platforms in Australia can simultaneously retransmit the free-to-air channels over their networks as part of their overall service offering.

Learn more about the Retransmission Licence here.

Government administrators in Australia

With a Screenrights licence, government administrators in Australia copy any program broadcast on TV, radio and the internet to use for the services of the Commonwealth or State.

Find out more about the Australian Government Licence here.