Screenrights has over 4,000 members across 66 countries. Our members range from individual screen practitioners to large screen businesses.

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Royalty Payments

Screenrights pays more than $40 million each year to rightsholders in film, TV and radio. We collect and pay educational royalties, government royalties and retransmission royalties from Australia and educational royalties from New Zealand.

You need to be a member to receive royalty payments. Membership is free.

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MyScreenrights gives you access to your membership 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Access your payments, manage your royalty claims, collect royalties from across the globe or manage film & TV disbursements – you can do it all on MyScreenrights.

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Worldwide Royalty Collection

Did you know there are collecting societies around the world that may be holding money for the use of your film and television titles?

The returns can be substantial – but knowing what to register, when and where can be complex and time consuming.

Screenrights offers Worldwide Royalty Collection for film rightsholders to efficiently and cost-effectively collect royalties from across the globe.

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Film & TV Disbursements

Appoint Screenrights to handle all returns for your screen project to give yourself and your investors peace of mind. Let us do the ongoing admin so that you can get stuck into new projects.

Screenrights offers a range of Film & TV Disbursement solutions to cater to different levels of projected sales based on your best market assessment. Talk to us about how we can help you administer returns and provide your investors with quality reporting across the life of your film, TV show or documentary.

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Creative Workshop Spaces

Looking for the perfect space to run story workshops, pre-production meetings or business planning sessions? See if our Sydney meeting rooms are free.

We are pleased to make our meeting rooms available to the screen industry for story workshops, pre-production meetings and business planning sessions.

Cultural Fund

Screenrights invests in the Screen Industry in Australia and New Zealand through its Cultural Fund.

Up to 1% of Screenrights’ distributable income per annum will go towards funding screen practitioners to deliver projects or initiatives that respond to the year’s focus and aspire to a broad positive contribution to industry development.

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Screenrights is a proud sponsor of conferences and events across Australia and New Zealand.

Sponsorship is an effective means of reaching our key audiences and creating awareness about the important role that Screenrights plays for the screen industry. We sponsor events and initiatives that have broad industry engagement across the diverse sectors of the industry, as well as niche events and initiatives that provide unique opportunities to reach out to specific sectors of the industry.

If you are interested in Screenrights sponsoring your event or initiative, please read the Guidelines for Sponsorship to find out more.


We have an active voice in advocating for a vibrant screen industry built upon a strong copyright regime that facilitates access to screen stories in exchange for fair and equitable payment.

You can read our submissions to government enquiries here.