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Register a program

Registering your programs gives us information about the titles you own or control, so we can accurately identify your titles, and efficiently distribute any royalties owing. If you are not yet a Screenrights member, you will first need to become a member.

Programs can be registered electronically via MyScreenrights.

Alternatively, you can download an interactive pdf registration form. To learn how to create a digital signature in Adobe Reader, click here.

Lots of programs to register? Talk to us about your registration options (Excel, CSV/XML/Custom Import).

Reviewing registered titles

As the royalties that Screenrights distributes continues to grow, you may wish to review your registrations with Member Services to ensure they are up to date. You can either do this via MyScreenrights or contact us for more information about your current registrations.

Did you know Screenrights can collect royalties for you overseas?

Did You Know?

If your program is broadcast overseas, you may be owed royalties for retransmission, private copying and other uses.


Want More Information?

Screenrights International is a cost efficient way of collecting money owing to you from other countries. Find out more here.