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Royalties: An Overview

Screenrights collects royalties for uses of audiovisual works where it is difficult or impossible to license on an individual basis. These royalties come from:

Educational Use
Government Use
Screenrights International

How much does royalty collection cost?

Because Screenrights is a non-profit organisation.  We cover administrative overheads by deducting a fee from the money collected.  The overheads vary between royalty types and from year to year. More information on our administration fees can be found in our Annual Report.

All money we collect is distributed to members after the deduction of administrative overheads only. These overheads vary from service to service and from year to year, however as a rough guide, for 2013/14 our overall total expenditure amounted to 14.91% of total collections. More information on expenses to collections ratios for each service can be found in our Annual Report.

Rightsholders should note that if they appoint an agent to collect Screenrights royalties on their behalf, the agent may also charge an administrative or agent's fee on top of Screenrights costs.

Screenrights now offers a Disbursement Service

Did You Know?

The Screenrights Disbursement Service has been established to fill the important role of Screen Australia and the SAFC, both of which had been offering disbursement services but which are no longer taking on new titles.

Want More Information?

About Screenrights Disbursement Service