Register your claim to secondary royalties for films, TV shows, documentaries and other screen projects so that we can pay you as soon as royalties become available

Once you’ve determined that you are a rightsholder and can claim Screenrights royalties, you need to tell us about it. You can do this by submitting registrations on MyScreenrights for the films, TV shows, documentaries or other screen projects in which you own or control the right(s) to collect Screenrights royalties.

On MyScreenrights we’ll guide you through the information about the production that you need to provide to help readily identify the film, TV show, documentary or other screen project. We’ll also ask which royalties you can claim. Read Royalty Payments and Types of Royalties for more information the secondary royalties that Screenrights pays and the rights you need to own or control in order to be entitled to claim them

When you register a claim with Screenrights you warrant that the information you provide is correct.

Registering TV shows and episodes

Find out more information on registering TV shows and episodes.