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Competing Claim Resolution Procedures Forms

Competing Claim Resolution Procedures Forms 2020-02-06T12:58:35+00:00

Set out below are the Competing Claims Resolution Procedures (CCRP) forms, subject to ongoing review and consultation with members.

Access the CCRP
CCRP Form (click title to download PDF) When to use CCRP Form
Mutual Agreement to Share Royalties Use this form to notify Screenrights when you and the other party (parties) to a competing claim mutually agree to a suitable outcome in relation to currently available royalties from the CCF Year or final year of a Distribution Period.
Express Resolution Process (ERP) – Evidence Submission Form Use this form as a cover sheet for evidence you are submitting to challenge a Presumption applied by Screenrights to a competing claim.
Internal Determination Submission Form Use this form as a cover sheet to your written submission to Screenrights for an Internal Determination.
Independent Expert Determination Form Use this form if you are not satisfied with an Internal Determination made by Screenrights in relation to a competing claim and you wish to request that an Independent Expert makes a determination.
Past Determination Evidence Submission Use this form as a cover sheet for your application to submit a challenge to the continued application of the Past Determination Presumption in order to have your claim to future royalties reinstated.

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