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Forms and resources

Membership & registration forms

Our "old school" PDF membership and registration forms are available for download here.  These forms can be printed and submitted by post or fax, or scanned in and submitted by email.  You can also type directly into the forms and submit them online with a digital signature.

Info sheets

Our info sheets are a great resource if you'd like to know more about where royalties come from and how royalties are calculated.  There's also info sheets specific to directors, performers and artists, as well as helpful tips for addressing Screenrights royalties in your contracts.


The glossary is a great reference tool if you find some of our terminology foreign to you.  We try to use universal terms in our forms and resources - but in the niche industry of royalty collection and distribution there are some terms that require explanation.  We hope you find the glossary useful.


This calendar provides all key dates for payment deadlines.