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Payment timetable

Royalty payments are processed all year round.  There is one major payment run in December each year, and minor payment runs in March, June and September.

Royalties from Australia and New Zealand

Royalties are released in batches called ‘distribution years’.  Batches are released in December each year and royalties continue to be paid from a batch for six years before they expire.

Royalties from outside Australia and New Zealand

Royalties distributed under the global royalty collection service are paid on to members as soon as they are received from the collecting societies around the world.

From broadcast to payment

Not every program that is broadcast receives royalties.  When a program does earn royalties there is a delay before the royalties are available for distribution.  This delay can be 6-18 months.  During this time licence fees are paid, usage of programs is monitored, the information is collected, collated and audited, and finally the royalties are matched to registered programs.