Diversity Enriches The World

The variety of content that our members create makes the world more interesting -
and education a lot more engaging and compelling.

Resource centres


As well as licensing educational institutions to copy from television and radio, Screenrights also licenses a number of resource centres to copy programs for schools, TAFEs and universities with a Screenrights licence. You can access content from these centres:

Ph: +61 2 9509 2600
Email: info@clickview.com.au

Ph: +61-2-9904-0009
Email: info@enhancetv.com.au

Tel: 1800 241709


Copies are only supplied to Brisbane Catholic schools
Email: mtucker@bne.catholic.edu.au
Ph: 07 3033 7433

Ph: 03 9925 8210

This is multimedia religious education resource for primary and secondary schools. Subscribing schools have access to video extracts, activities, slideshows, tasks, broadcasts and more.