ISAN Australasia, the local registration agency for issuing ISANs operated by Screenrights and APRA AMCOS, has closed effective 31 December 2019 and will no longer be issuing ISANs in the region.

ISAN Australasia was founded by Screenrights and APRA AMCOS to give the Australasian audio-visual industries access to the most efficient means of identifying and tracking their work in the global digital environment. Unfortunately, ISAN has not gained sufficient traction on a global scale.

Screenrights remains committed to a global identifier for the screen industry and continues to monitor the evolution of competing numbering systems.

The registration of an ISAN is no longer a condition under Screen Australia’s funding arrangements.

ISAN registration will remain available to Australasian applicants via the Transitory Agency (TRA), managed by ISAN International.

All ISAN Australasia accounts have been automatically transferred to the TRA. If you have previously purchased an ISAN through ISAN Australasia you can contact TRA to access your online account.

If you would like to find out more about how to purchase an ISAN for the first time you can read about your options here. For any questions, email

If you have questions about your project’s ISAN requirements under Screen Australia agreements, please contact your Screen Australia funding manager.