The majority of royalties distributed to Screenrights members are through the use of your broadcast content for educational purposes.

Screenrights brings filmmakers and educators together through its online resource centre, Enhance TV. Enhance TV enables teachers to find, copy and stream the right audio-visual content and share it with their students, and in the classroom through an online platform. Broadcast content is curated and catalogued to fit into the Australian Curriculum, easily accessible for teachers and students to use.

Enhance TV will be re-launched mid 2017, to ensure our resource centre service continues to meet the changing needs and expectations of Australian educators. As part of this re-launch, we are updating our Editorial Policy and are very interested in gaining feedback from our Members.

You can access the proposed Editorial Policy here. Please send us your feedback by Tuesday 4 April, 2017 to

For further information about the policy, or if you’d like to know more about the Enhance TV re-launch please email us.