Screenrights is currently seeking member feedback on proposed changes to our Competing Claims procedures.

The review of the effectiveness of resolution pathways is an ongoing process, and we continue to work with members to ensure that pathways are fair and administratively manageable for all parties.

Underlying the proposed changes is Screenrights’ desire to simplify resolution of competing claims and integrate existing procedures into one clear, consistent procedure accessible to all members regardless of the value of royalties in question.

The purpose of Screenrights’ consultation with members is to help assess whether or not to adopt the changes. Full details of the proposed changes and options for providing us with feedback are available here, and the closing date for submissions is 5pm AEST Monday 22 July.

Proposed changes and member submissions will be considered by the Screenrights Board at the Board meeting of 14 August 2019, with a view to effecting agreed changes 1 September 2019.