We are not-for-profit, we have no hidden agendas and we are accountable.
This is reflected in everything we do.

What we don't do


Screenrights is happy to advise on any of its licences, including providing information on:

  • what can be copied under our educational licences
  • how you can use these copies
  • how we monitor use
  • how we distribute the money we collect


We do not offer:

  • general copyright advice.
  • legal advice on how you should negotiate your rights
  • production advice


The following services may be able to help you

  • General copyright advice:
  • Legal advice for filmmakers:
  • Licences to show film films in public, including school fundraisers:
    • Roadshow Film Distributors: 02 9552 8600
    • Amalgamated Movies: 07 4787 1086