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Screenrights is a non-profit organisation that licenses various uses of film, television and radio on behalf of its copyrights owner members. The money collected from these licences is paid to the rightsholders – producers, broadcasters, distributors, music, script and other copyright owners from around the world. Screenrights is a leader in the audiovisual industries, forging dynamic connections between content users and content owners.

Screenrights (content users messages)

Screenrights is a non-profit organisation that licenses educational institutions to copy from television and radio. Nearly all schools, TAFEs and universities in Australia to have a Screenrights licence. The fees they pay for the licence are distributed to the copyright owners in the programs they use. For more information about the licence go to


EnhanceTV helps educators teach with television and film in the classroom. It is an online service providing information on educational broadcasts, a store for purchasing copied programs, and a web streaming service – EnhanceTV Direct. Purchases from EnhanceTV can only be made by institutions with a Screenrights licence. EnhanceTV is a subsidiary of Screenrights, which is a not-for-profit organisation that licenses the use of educational audiovisual content in Australian schools, universities and TAFEs.

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Screenrights and Foxtel Management Pty Ltd Copyright Tribunal Case (Ct1 of 2010) view case here.

Singtel Optus Pty Ltd v National Rugby League Investments Pty Ltd, view case here.


These submissions have been made by Screenrights to government and parliament in Australia and New Zealand, generally in response to inquiries.