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These submissions have been made by Screenrights to government and parliament in Australia and New Zealand, generally in response to inquiries. The downloadable copies here are from 2005 onwards. Prior copies are archived and can be obtained by contacting us.

Year Title Country Size
2017 Screenrights' Submission - Review into the efficacy of the Code of Conduct for Australian Copyright Collecting Societies Aust  
  Screenrights Exposure Draft of Copyright Regulations 2017 |Review of Copyright Regulations 1969 and the Copyright Tribunal (Procedure) Regulations 1969 Aust  
  Productivity Commission Report into Australia's Intellectual Property Arrangements Submission by Screenrights - February 2017  Aust  

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training | Inquiry into innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy - December 2016

Aust 191k
  Productivity Commission Draft Report: Intellectual Property Arrangements - June 2016 Aust 397k
  PWC Report: Understanding the costs and benefits of introducing a 'fair use' exception - February 2016 Aust 635k
  Screenrights Submission: Proposed reform of the Copyright Act 1968 - February 2016 Aust 86k
  Joint Submission to the Exposure Draft Copyright Amendment ( Disability Access and Other Measures) Bill 2016 Aust 422k
2015 Screenrights' NZ Convergence Review Submission NZ 57k
  Productivity Commission Issue Paper: Intellectual Property Arrangements Submission Aust 144k

ALRC Submission | Copyright Exceptions in the United States for Educational Uses of Copyrighted Works from the Columbia University Law School's Kernochan Centre

Aust/US 13MB
2014 Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper Submission Aust 57k
2013 ALRC - Copyright and the Digital Economy - Discussion Paper. Screenrights Submission and Annexure. Aust  
  ALRC Supplementary - Submission 1 Aust 687k
  ALRC Supplementary - Submission 2 Aust 794k
  ALRC Submission | An independent report on the US exceptions for educational use from the Columbia University Law School's Kernochan Centre Aust/US 7.3mb
  ALRC Supplementary - Submission 3   73k
2012 Australian Law Reform Commission | ALRC Submission Aust 1.7mb
  NZ ON Air Documentary Funding Policy Discussion Paper NZ 61k
  Screenrights Convergence Review Submission Aust 593k
  Inquiry into 21st Century Learning Environments NZ 68k
2011 Screenrights 'Safe Harbour' Scheme Submission Aust 920k
  Screenrights Convergence Submission Aust 777k
  Screenrights submission on applicatons for key cultural institution status Aust 425k
  Screenrights submission on proposed Convergence Review Aust 802k
  Screenrights Convergence Submission Oct 2011    
2010 Part 4A of the Television New Zealand Act 2003 NZ 1mb
  Australian Independent Screen Production Submission Aust 10k
  Part V D Copyright Act Aust 102k
2009 National Broadband Submission Aust 3.5mb
  Screen Australia Stage 2 Review - Marketing Support & Promotion Aust 658k
  Digital Economy Future Directions Consultation Paper Aust 89k
2008 Screen Australia: Statement of Intent Aust 1mb
  Review of sections 47J and 110AA of the Copyright Act 1968 Aust 474k
2007 Copyright licensing and collecting societies: a guide for licensees (Draft) Aust 60k
  New provision for Copyright (new technologies and performers' rights) Amendment Bill. NZ 1.5m
2006 Inquiry into provisions of Copyright Amendment Bill 2006 Aust 1.6mb
2005 Directors submission Aust 116k
  Inquiry into harmonisation of legal systems Aust 172k
  Fair Use , July Aust 438k
  Piracy, July Aust 119k


2004 Free Trade Agreement Aust 189k
  - Annexure 1   440k
  - Annexure 2   24k
  Proposed statutory copyright licence for private use of recordable media Aust 24k
  Draft legislation for collection of royalties on recordable media for private use Aust 1.5mb
  Private use of recordable media Aust 28k
2002 Private copying 1 - industry letter asking for an inquiry into private copying Aust 436k
  Private copying 2- ACC case for a private copying levy Aust 196k
  Private copying 3 - draft private copying Aust 28k
  Private copying 4 - explanatory notes accompanying draft Private Copying Bill Aust 28k
  Private copying 5 - constitutionality of Private Copying Scheme - Dennis Rose QC Aust 32k
  Private copying 6 - ACC discussion paper Aust 1.5mb
  Datacasting Aust 23k
2001 Copyright and contract law Aust 24k
2000 Copyright Tribunal Jurisdiction, March Aust 28k
  Digital Agenda - Andrews Committee, January Aust 16k
  Part VA Aust 28k
  Retransmisssion Aust 40k

Competition Law - Ergas Committee, September
Supplementary Submission - Ergas Committee, September

Aust 44k
  Copyright Tribunal Jurisdiction, July Aust 20k
  Digital Agenda, October Aust 20k
  Retransmission, August Aust 12k
  Retransmission, September Aust 76k
  Retransmission, November Aust 8k